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Remove Google Image Downloader Chrome Extension (Scam)

Can’t Remove Google Image Downloader? This page includes detailed Google Image Downloader Removal instructions! Google Image Downloader is not a program you should keep. Security researchers have categorized it as a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program). Despite the name of the category, there is nothing potential in your situation. You don’t want this parasite on board! […]

How to Remove OnTargetYOGA Toolbar

Can’t Remove OnTargetYOGA? This page includes detailed OnTargetYOGA Removal instructions! The OnTargetYOGA toolbar is not an app you should keep on your computer. It is a product of the infamous Mindspark advertising company. Just like their other products, the OnTargetYOGA toolbar is created as an advertising utility. Following a successful installation, it takes control of […]

Windows Malware Detected Virus Scam Removal

Can’t Remove Windows Malware Detected pop-ups? A scamware lurks on your computer. It’s hiding in the corners, wreaking havoc. The incessant display of the Windows Malware Detected pop-ups is a clue. It’s a direct result, and a sure sign of the invasion. Consider it a repercussion of the infection’s stay. Well, one of them. It’s […]

How to Remove Impaq Speed “Virus”

Can’t Remove Impaq Speed? This page includes detailed Impaq Speed Removal instructions! The Impaq Speed utility is promoted as a great tool which can test your Internet connection speed. Unfortunately, these functions are just a facade. They are a camouflage, meant to lure you into downloading and installing a parasite. Security experts have categorized the […]

How to Remove Mgalgal Setup Virus

Can’t Remove Mgalgal Setup? This page includes detailed Mgalgal Setup Removal instructions! Your browsing experience used to be peaceful up until now? Do you get bombarded with numerous pop-ups, ads, flashy messages, coupons and exclusive deals? Those are signs that you have adware on your computer. The Mgalgal Setup is an example of such virus. […]

Auto Clean Pro 2018 Malware Removal

Can’t Remove Auto Clean Pro 2018? This page includes detailed Auto Clean Pro 2018 Removal instructions! Auto Clean Pro 2018 is a severe cyber threat. It gets advertised as a useful and legitimate helping tool. But it’s not. It’s far from it. In actuality, it’s a potentially unwanted program. The PUP is malicious, hazardous, and […]

How to Remove Beens Setup Virus (PUP.AD.BEENS.SETUP)

Can’t Remove Beens Setup? This page includes detailed Beens Setup Removal instructions! Do you feel like drowning in a sea of online advertisements? Every website you load, every link you follow, every video you watch, there are ads simply everywhere? And they all seem to be signed by Beens Setup, don’t they? The news is […]

Proxycheck Virus Removal

Can’t Remove Proxycheck? This page includes detailed Proxycheck Removal instructions! Does your computer behave oddly? Is your browser flooded with adverts? Do you think that your Internet connection is unusually unstable? Did it all start with the appearance of the Proxycheck process? It probably did. This process is behind all these issues and many more. […]

Color Generator Extension Removal

Can’t Remove Color Generator? This page includes detailed Color Generator Removal instructions! Color Generator is a potentially unwanted program (PUP), advertised as an extension for Google Chrome. While the extension itself is not a virus, it has no business on the user’s computer. If you ever find software on your computer that you have no […]

Remove “Support.microsoft.com is requesting your username and password” Scam

Can’t Remove Support.microsoft.com is requesting your username and password pop-ups? Is there a problem with your Microsoft account? Does your browser display the scary “Support.microsoft.com is requesting your username and password” message? Can you close the page that displays the alert? Don’t panic! Your account is safe. This message is a part of a phishing […]


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