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Remove TV Chrome from Chrome/Firefox/IE

Can’t Remove TV Chrome? This page includes detailed TV Chrome Removal instructions!

Are you stuck with a deceitful application called TV Chrome? You’re in for trouble because this is a virus. Classified as a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP), the parasite is more than capable to cause you harm. Keep in mind that having an infection of any kind on your machine is ill-advised. The TV Chrome parasite is a creation of cyber crooks, after all. Its very last intention was to enhance your browsing experience or help you watch TV. The only thing this program aims at is to help hackers gain revenue. Now, TV Chrome is advertised as a useful and absolutely safe tool. However, we wouldn’t be writing today’s article if that was true. Instead of being the attractive program it was supposed to be, TV Chrome is malicious. For starters, the parasite messes with your default browser settings. It adds a brand new extension that you never gave permission to. In fact, you probably never gave permission to TV Chrome in the first place. PUPs often rely on stealthy and secretive methods to travel the Web. Keep on reading to learn how this pest landed on your computer. Thanks to the parasite’s plugin, your own browsers are no longer reliable. They get injected with sponsored, highly questionable pop-ups. That means you’re now bombarded with irritating commercials every single time you browse the Internet. Or, should we say, attempt to browse the Internet. The infection makes sure it constantly covers your PC screen with web links. We’re talking about pop-ups, pop-unders, banners, interstitials, video ads, etc. All the advertisements are beyond obnoxious and completely demolish your browsing activities. Consider your everyday online experience neither enjoyable nor safe anymore. It’s key for your safety to avoid clicking any of the commercials brought to you by the virus. Remember, hackers don’t provide these ads to help you shop online. They are using the pay-per-click mechanism to make money at your expense. Clicking the TV Chrome ads exposes you to malware and turns you into a sponsor of crooks. Long story short, this nuisance has to go.

Remove TV Chrome

How did I get infected with TV Chrome?

As mentioned, TV Chrome must have applied some sneaky technique. Just like most parasites, this one doesn’t rely on the victim’s authorization. Instead, the virus takes advantage of your distraction. The number one malware distribution method at the moment is freeware/shareware bundling. Do you often install bundled programs without paying much attention? This is how all types of parasites you could think of get spread online. In order to prevent virus infiltration, opt for the custom or advanced option in the Setup Wizard. Instead of rushing and skipping steps, take your time. Unfortunately, many people overlook the threat they get exposed to. If you rush, you practically remain vulnerable to the many parasites hackers might be trying to infect you with. Deselect all the “bonus” programs in the bundles you download and watch out for malicious intruders. Protecting your machine from viruses is your job and yours only. Be cautious online. We’d also recommend that you stay away from unverified websites as well as random torrents. In addition, know the spam emails and messages you receive may be corrupted as well.

Why is TV Chrome dangerous?

The infection creates a mess on your PC and makes browsing the Web impossible. This nuisance alters your browser settings behind your back. It also brings along sponsored and extremely unreliable pop-up ads in all shapes imaginable. The infection might generate some fake software updates as well as stubborn third-party web links. You get redirected to unknown websites and your browsers begin to free/crash. Restrain yourself from clicking anything TV Chrome may display. As long as there is an infection on your machine, you’re in danger. Forget about the bogus functionalities TV Chrome promised. This program has nothing beneficial to offer so why tolerate its presence? Take immediate action and uninstall the virus for good. TV Chrome even spies on your browsing-related data such as passwords, usernames and email addresses. It sneakily monitors your browsing history too and sends all this information to hackers. Don’t allow this pest to steal your sensitive details. To delete it manually, please follow our detailed removal guide down below.

How Can I Remove TV Chrome?

If you perform exactly the steps below you should be able to remove the TV Chrome infection. Please, follow the procedures in the exact order. Please, consider to print this guide or have another computer at your disposal. You will NOT need any USB sticks or CDs.

  • Open your task Manager by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+ESC keys simultaneously
  • Locate the process of TV Chrome.exe and kill it


  • Open your windows registry editor by typing”regedit” in the windows search box

Navigate to (Depending on your OS version)

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run] or
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run] or

and delete the display Name: TV Chrome

Simultaneously press the Windows Logo Button and then “R” to open the Run Command

Type “Appwiz.cpl

Locate the TV Chrome program and click on uninstall/change. To facilitate the search you can sort the programs by date. Review the most recent installed programs first. In general you should remove all unknown programs.

Navigate to C:/Program Files and delete TV Chrome folder. Double check with any antimalware program for any leftovers. Keep your software up-to date!

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