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Removing Useless Files Is Advised Pop-up Malware

Can’t Remove Useless Files Is Advised pop-ups? If pop-ups warn you that “Removing Useless Files Is Advised,” if virus alerts pop up every time you go online, don’t panic! Your computer is not infected with a dangerous virus. The messages are part of yet another online scam. The crooks plan on tricking you into downloading […]

Remove “Your operating system has been hacked” Email Scam

Can’t Remove Your operating system has been hacked pop-ups? If an email warns you that “Your operating system has been hacked,” don’t panic. The message is a hoax! That’s a new scam that takes advantage of common misconceptions and fears. Note that the real security alerts are displayed by your anti-virus app in the notification […]

How to Remove J2Ancheta Scam Email

Can’t Remove J2Ancheta Malware pop-ups? If J2Ancheta blackmails you via email, don’t panic! The message is a hoax. A new scam campaign uses the name of the notorious American hacker Jeanson James Ancheta to trick people into unwanted actions. The scammers use his name in hope that if you Google it, you’ll think that you’ve […]

Chrome found 3 viruses Scam Virus Threat Removal

Can’t Remove Chrome found 3 viruses pop-ups? If notifications warn you that “Chrome found 3 viruses,” don’t panic. These alerts are fake. That’s a new online scam that lures people into sharing sensitive information and subscribing to overpriced and unneeded services. Don’t fall for these ridiculous lies. The virus alerts are displayed by your anti-virus […]

Microsoft Edge Warning Alert – Virus Removal

Can’t Remove Microsoft Edge Warning Alert pop-ups? The “Microsoft Edge Warning Alert” pop-up is not a genuine warning. Quite the contrary – that’s a scam! It’s a simple online scam that tricks people into unwanted actions. Don’t fall for its lies! The crooks use PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) and scare tactics to push you into […]

Remove M4rDröM Spam Email Scam

Can’t Remove M4rDröM Malware pop-ups? If a hacker named M4rDröM blackmails you via email, don’t panic! That’s a scam. The crooks take advantage of common misconceptions and fears. They flood your inbox with deceptive messages and hope for the best. Don’t fall for their tricks! The M4rDröM email is just a text composed by crafty […]

Remove 14Z7anaTwSVpnzzoxnHvcCBjDvR9zDNWek Bitcoin Email

Can’t Remove 14Z7anaTwSVpnzzoxnHvcCBjDvR9zDNWek Malware pop-ups? The email reads: salut! Comme vous l’avez peut-être remarqué, je vous ai envoyé un email depuis votre compte. Cela signifie que j’ai un accès complet à votre compte. Je vous surveille depuis quelques mois maintenant. Le fait est que vous avez été infecté par des logiciels malveillants via un site […]

Noreply@sfn.org Scam Email Removal

Can’t Remove Noreply@sfn.org Malware pop-ups? If Noreply@sfn.org floods your inbox with threatening emails, don’t panic. This address is linked to a new sextortion scam campaign. Noreply@sfn.org uses a simple scheme. The scammers pretend to be hackers who have infected your device with a virus. They claim that their parasite has copied your contact list, as […]

Remove Noreply@security.biz Scam Email

Can’t Remove Noreply@security.biz Malware pop-ups? If Noreply@security.biz bombards you with emails, don’t panic. This email address is linked to a new sextortion scam campaign. Its scheme is quite simple. The cooks pretend to be hackers who have infected your computer with a Trojan. They claim that their virus has managed to copy your contact list, […]

Remove “I have sent you an email” Scam Virus

Can’t Remove I have sent you an email pop-ups? “I have sent you an email” is yet another email scam. The crooks pretend to be hackers who have infected your computer with a dangerous virus. They claim that their malware has managed to steal your passwords, copied your contact lists, and recorded a video of […]


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